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搏NKMAX ink for inkjet printing


iNKMAX ink for inkjet printing is water based pigment one based on uni COLOR FOR Textile ink.

The ink realizes softer texture,
better abrasion resistance,
light fastness and fast washing.

The ink is designed for our iNKMAX printer "iMP1800" and "iNKMAX SOLO".

Item List

1. iNKMAX ink for iMP1800

Color packing
CYAN 2litter pack
MAGENTA 2litter pack
YELLOW 2litter pack
BLACK 2litter pack
LIGHT CYAN 2litter pack
LIGHT MAGENTA 2litter pack
BLUE 2litter pack
ORANGE 2litter pack

2. iNKMAX ink for iNKMAX SOLO

Color packing
CYAN 100cc pack
MAGENTA 100cc pack
YELLOW 100cc pack
BLACK 100cc pack
WHITE 1litter bottle

搏NKMAX inkjet printers

We provide two kinds of inkjet printers with iNKMAX ink
* iMP1800: roll to roll textile printer for maximum 180cm width of fabric

iNKMAX ink for inkjet printing

* iNKMAX SOLO: garment printer printable for both white and dark color shirt.

iNKMAX ink for inkjet printing

Price List

type model
iMP1800 roll to roll fabric print
iNKMAX SOLO garment printer

弒nkjet Printing on fabric.

iNKMAX is receiving an order of inkjet printing on fabric by our printer with uni COLOR FOR Textile ink.

The spec of our printer
  • Based # of colors - 8 colors.
  • Maximum width of printing - 180cm
  • Maximum speed of printing - 72sqm/hour
  • Maximum printing resolution - 720DPI x 600DPI
  • Maximum thickness of printable fabric - 25mm
Data needs for printing
We need data by following file with resolution at least 150DPI.

Inkjet Pre-treatment Polymer

Inkjet Pre-treatment Polymer

iNKMAX Polymer is pre-treatment liquid for inkjet printing. This is necessary for color brightness, fastness and prevents ink being blurred. All of our fabric media are treated by iNKMAX Polymer.

In addition, the fabric keeps softer hand after the treatment.

  • iNKMAX-PF401(for unwoven fabrics)
  • iNKMAX-09 (for natural material fabrics)
  • iNKMAX-S5CN90 (for synthetic material fabrics)

We prepare the best polymer for various materials.